What About a “DO Not Do” List??

Stop It

I have a To-do List, but I thought I would try a “Do not Do” list to help me identify things that take up time in my day. I found it helped me identify patterns in my daily life and help me become more focused about what I was doing day-day.

I begin with an end-of-the-day wrap-up…what I did, where I went, work, conversations, and other aspects of my day. I may take time to write about something I really liked, something I didn’t, a person I met, or a good conversation I had. 

Next, I analyze yesterday’s “Do not Do” list to see if I followed my own advice. Doing this exercise has helped me way of keep track of my feelings about the choices I made during the day and helps me discover more about myself.

My yesterday “Do not Do” included:

  • Do not leave your bed unmade.
  • Do not get up late.
  • Do not stay up late.
  • Do not skip the gym.
  • Don’t buy anything “Extra”.

I had a few accomplishments…I didn’t stay up late, I awoke earlier than usual, and made my bed before I left for work. I love to shop, but I didn’t. So there was no extra bling purchases. 

I didn’t go to the gym. Do not skip the gym will definitly land on my tomorrow “Do not Do” list.

I end my journal experience by setting up my “Do not Do” List for tomorrow, which includes behaviors I wanted to stop and those I didn’t from the day before along with new things I want to stop doing.

Our Dot/Bullet journals are great choice for this method of journaling.

As I move forward…here are a few more things I plan to add to my “Do not Do” Journal:

  • Do not neglect myself.
  • Do not spend hours on social media each day. 
  • ​Do not watch the news non-stop. 
  • Do not eat fast food or junk food.
  • ​Do not regret the past, worry about the future. 
  • ​Do not hit the snooze button.
  • Do not complain about anything.

Try it! This method may work for you.