By Sharon vargas, Veteran


Your private place to organize your life...what happen, what’s next, and what can be. Inside solve your problems, spill your thoughts, set goals, plan, make plans, take notes, scribble, draw, or doodle. Endless possibilities!!


Dot Journals

Balanced structure and space.

Get creative…

Designer Styles

Thinkers write things down.

Anne Frank, Pablo Picasso, Ernest Hemingway…

Themed Collection

Guided Organizers

Prompts to get you started…

Planners & Logbooks

Keep track of everything

Collect important information…

Branded & Personal

Give the Perfect Gift

Make them remember you!!

"The 3 things I love about The Journal Box Journals...
they are so beautiful, the right size, and there are so many choices. They have become the place I organize my life.
I have several and love them all!