Is “Being Extra” a Compliment or Not?


“Extra” is typically defined as having “dramatic, over the top, and excessive behavior. 

I was talking with my brother over the weekend (Jerry), and he asked me why I use the word “Extra” so much. I thought it was so interesting that he made the observation. I was pretty sure Jerry knew what it meant. After a short discussion about it, Jerry said he really wanted to know why I used it so much and why I like the word. He liked the sound of the word and said he may start to use it. I couldn’t answer at the time. Didn’t really have answer. Told Jerry I would think about it and get back to him.

Our conversation popped up in my head several times that day. I wanted to give him an answer. When I arrived home, I pulled out my journal and started writing about the word “Extra”– what it meant to me.

My thoughts…

  • “Extra” people play by their own rules
  • “Extra” people don’t care what you think…they beat to their own drum.
  • “Extra” people always show their positive side.
  • Being extra can be positive although it is used as a negative at timesnA few thoughts on the word
  • I think being considered “Extra” can be a compliment and a positive personality trait. There are things I won’t wear that I like, stuff I want to buy and won’t, looks I want to try and don’t. Someone that does these things I won’t do are being themselves and I like that. I am going to try and be a little extra this month.
  • “Extra” can be considered negative to some. I think Jerry is “Extra”. He is obsessed with designer sneakers and has 150 plus pairs. I don’t think he should continue buying them. I am more frugal and call him “Extra” when talking to other family members about his collection. For me, his behavior is negative and sends a message that he can’t control myself.

Answering Jerry…

I wrote my feelings on the subject in my Journal. Then, I called Jerry and told him I use “Extra”, just because it identifies, for me, how I perceive people and their behaviors. I explained, I don’t mean any harm when using the word. I asked Jerry to watch this video.

Jerry said…

After watching the video, Jerry said, “I like this word and I will start using it!”

When researching a subject…do it in your journal. WE suggest getting “Thoughts”… for your thoughts!