“Hiding” Your Journal … If You Want To

Who Know About Your Journal?

How much privacy do you need?

First, you must decide how much privacy you need to feel comfortable enough to keep journaling. There are many types of journals, notebooks, and planners. Privacy levels differ. Where you keep your books will depend on what is on your pages. Some writers want complete privacy because they write for their eyes only. Others are writing about things that may need a lesser level of privacy. Once you determine the level of privacy you need, you can decide where you want to keep your books.

Do you need total privacy?

Face reality…we should always surround ourselves with people we trust but that’s not always the case. Some people are nosey. If they know you are a writer, they will hunt down your books to see what you are always writing so passionately about. No hiding space is off limits to snoops. You will need to be very clever when choosing your hiding place if you want your writings to be totally private, a good place where no one will think to look. It’s a good idea to switch your hiding place from time – time. Stay ahead of the game and don’t forget where you put them. For top level privacy, we have one suggestion.

  1. Get a small safe box, lock your books inside, keep the key with you, and the safe box in an out-of-site place. You know the saying…”out of sight, out of mind.”

Close by” less private hiding spaces.

  1. Place them with other books. If it’s a specific genre book such as a recipe book, store it with the cookbooks. PT Logs can be placed in your gym bag. You get the idea…right? If it’s journal about your feeling and thoughts, you can shelve it with other books and make it blend in.
  2. Put them under your mattress. Push the books in deep so they’re not noticed if someone in your orbit is in a plundering mode.
  3. Take it with you. Always a good idea but can get complicated if you have several books to haul around all the time.
  4. Have a fake Journal laying around. This would be a decoy for the real diary you are keeping. It won’t matter if someone reads it. Pull out your “real” diary whenever you want to do some serious writing.

Nothing makes the books you write in totally private. It will be up to you to determine the level of privacy you want to place on your them and the perfect hiding place if you need one.