Sharon Vargas

Despite our tech-driven world, nothing beats opening a physical book to write down your goals, plans, accomplishments, and thoughts.


I am a proud veteran.

I am an Illustrator & designer.

I am an accomplished HR Professional.

I have a passion for helping veterans.

I journal every day.

I speak at events.

I show up at vendor gigs.

I make journals I want to own and write in.

What sets The Journal Box apart...

Our vision and determination is to bring something fresh and unexpected to the market. We’ve introduced a stunning collection of planners, journals, and logbooks that combine functionality, usability, and exquisite design. These books are not merely items you write in and forget about; they are treasures you will want to cherish and continue using.

Every book in the collection boasts original and unique designs both on the outside and within its pages. Each creation is a testament to creativity and dedication to ensuring that every book is not only visually appealing but practical and timeless.

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