12 Journal Ideas to Get You Started


You don’t have to be a professional writer to start a journal notebook.
So, keep it simple. Put your words or drawings to paper as they come out of you mind during your journaling experience. Don’t make it complicated. Keep in mind there is no right or wrong way to journal. But…there are some things you can do to keep it interesting, organized, and positive. Here’s our short list.

Be creative
Make it yours. Nobody cares if you write, draw, scribble or add slips of paper, pictures, or snippets in your journal notebooks. You never know where your imagination will lead you if you have colored pencils, chalk, stickers, or stamps nearby. The above accessories are not a requirement…all you really need is a pen or pencil to write it all down.

You can have more than one journal notebook
It’s possible you may want to have a to-do journal notebook, one to capture dreams and another to track your fitness program. Although you can add several topics in one journal, it’s not uncommon to have several journal notebooks.

Let’s get started…

First, decide the type of journal notebooks you want to keep. All the journal notebooks listed below can be incorporated into a Journal Box Dot or Designer Journal Notebook dedicated to a specific journey. Here are a few ideas  from our short list…

  1. Free Style Journal Notebook: Let it flow. Just write it all down. Doesn’t matter if the grammar is correct, if it doesn’t make sense at the time or follow any pattern …just keep going. Write down your thoughts as they come to mind. Write about what happen today, how you are feeling, set a few goals, add quotes you like, set up a to-do list, add your goals…let it flow like a river.
  2. Dream journal Notebook: If you can remember your dreams, write them down. They can show patterns in your life that you may want to analyze. Dream details are fresh when we awake. It’s the best time to write it down.
  3. Daily Planner / To Do Journal Notebook: Planning your day will help you accomplish more. If you have a list of your daily to-do’s, appointments and quick tasks, you can evaluate what you accomplished and what needs to be moved to another day. Don’t keep your to-dos in your head. Write them down so that you can stay focused.
  4. Food Journal Notebook: If you are on a diet, want to eat healthy or plan meals, this is the journal notebook for you. Make a note of what you’ve eaten each day, plan your meals for the week or keep track of the types of foodies you are eating. This will help you be more mindful about the foods you choose to eat and offer insight into areas you may need to change.
  5. Artistic Journal Notebook: Love to draw, sketch or doodle? Having a handy journal notebook will allow you to capture the visions that you see or feel during the day. It’s the perfect starting point for new ideas and expressing your feelings.
  6. Fitness Journal Notebook: Stay committed to your workouts. Write down the exercises you plan to do, track your accomplishments and the number of repetitions completed. And in this journal notebook you can track your daily water intake to ensure you’re drinking the daily recommended amount.

More Journal notebook Ideas…

  1. Gratitude Journal Notebook
  2. Recipe Journal Notebook
  3. Nature Journal Notebook
  4. Bible Study Journal Notebook
  5. Medical Journal
  6. Wedding Planner

Now that you have ideas, it’s time to decide the types of journals you want to write in.

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